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A brief history of time

I’ve been programming for a fairly long time now. I didn’t start out as young as some did, though. My first program was a school assignment, a birthday calendar written in Commodore BASIC. I used the computer in class, I didn’t have one at home.
It must have been something like four years until I went to college, got a computer, and started programming. I got hooked on assembly code and spent whole days and nights writing code.

… and that was the beginning of a whole lot of bits and bytes …

That was a really long time ago. At some point you think you know everything, but then you realize the world has changed since then, and people are blogging and stuff. Having never written any 3D code before, I found a new challenge in OpenGL. Now, this is certainly not the most important thing that’s happened to me, but it is where I am at now. So, this is where the story ends, for tonight.